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Any cultural or social human practice that is not explicitly commanded by God in the Bible, or practised as a
 flower New Testament pattern cannot be binding on a Christian.

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There are many world views answering to various natural inclinations of man but the New Covenant perspective is God's view on any issue. This is about the excitement and rewards of living by the light of the word of God - seeing, interpreting and doing all things of religion, science and culture according to the dictates of the New Covenant by the enablement of the Spirit of God.

This is the ultimate life adventure and I invite you to share in it, following and promoting God's viewpoint.

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Issues of spiritual salvation
Issues unto spiritual salvation

Between Islam and Islamism
Between Islam and Islamism

An overview of the occult
An overview of the occult

Women and Ministry
Every child of God is a minister and qualifies to serve God in ministerial leadership position BUT only men have been used by God for the responsibility of oversight of His flock.

Should Christian life be based on claims of heavenly visits?
While heavenly visits are scriptural, their occurrences are rare and their purposes are not primarily to forge impeccable ministers or serve as means of establishing doctrines for the Church or basis for Christian life. Every claim must therefore be subjected to the test of the Scripture.

Reality and Political Correctness
Truth is about absolutes of reality but political correctness is a contrived artificial system that preaches and tries to coerce us all into submission. It is therefore inevitably anti-Christian - and unavoidably doomed to fail, just as other similar ideas before it.

Heresy of Modalism: The example of Water
In spiritual matters, it is more dangerous to use an inappropriate analogy than not to use an analogy at all. For example, the three modes of existence of water to illustrate the Trinity is very misleading because the modes of water exist sequentially, whereas the persons of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit exist concurrently, and therefore, they are not modes of the divine nature.

Man is more than mere machine
Since the discovery of genetics, people with a materialistic world view have been indulging in the fantasy of a purely material existence of man. The truth however is that man is not just physical body determined by our genes alone, but a composite of physical and spiritual substances made up of spirit, soul and body. Man is more than a mere machine.

Work, Works and Faith Primer
the Scripture declares that we are saved by grace, THROUGH FAITH, not by works... All works that are devoid of faith are dead works. It is only if the works are performed as works of faith do they have any life by which they can abide and survive the test of fire.

For a balanced use of gifts
Spiritual gifts do not (and cannot) replace natural gifts and talents in the Christian. Both types of gifts have their own uses and scope, and to neglect one is to fall short of the counsel of God in the attainment of His purpose for giving us the gift in the first instance.

Faith, Works and the Prosperity Gospel
What prosperity gospel calls faith is a replacement of the sheer trustworthiness of God to perform what He has promised with the ability of man to come up with formulae and great EFFORTS of affirmation to secure and EARN the fulfilment of the promise.

Confusing the Mind with the Brain
Identifying the mind with the workings of the brain is an error arising out of searching for the mind it the wrong place - i.e. in the lowly room of its servant (the brain) rather than in its own exalted spiritual mansion.

Sexual Orientation or Disorientation?
All sexual variations apart from the heterosexual are more properly recognised as sexual disorientation rather than normal orientation because they are behavioural pathological variations. Quite frankly, it\'s not OK to be gay.

The Mother of God\'s Son
The divine sonship of Jesus Christ is often misunderstood and has been the basis of much arguments and even hostility in history and contemporary society. One of the results of the misunderstanding is the error of calling the biblical Mary \'Mother of God\'

Inspiration and the Scriptures
This article explains what divine inspiration means, and that the revelation of the Bible was given by inspiration of God. It stresses that the Bible was not given by direct divine writing or even primarily by dictation. The Bible is therefore the Scriptures.