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About this site


This site is dedicated to the promotion of the New Covenant perspective, which is the revealed counsel of God to man concerning our earthly existence and preparation for eternity.

God's dealing with man is relational and progressive. By it, through love and great longsufering, God has been leading mankind to a place of reconciliation with Him ever since the entrance of sin that destroyed that relationship originally, separating us from His glory. In doing this, His method has been via the revelation and practicalisation of His will, tailored to the level of the light that man could receive and bear. Thus, at the time before Christ, revelation was limited and it was necessary to impose the Law which came via Moses. Under that arrangement, God's counsel was expressed in terms of physical shadows of the eternal truth.

But when Jesus Christ came with grace and truth, it finally became feasible for God to express His whole counsel through the New Covenant which He instituted with the blood of Jesus.

In the New Covenant therefore, we see the final revelation and perfect will of God for time and eternity. This is seen in both in the very expressions of precepts in the sayings of Christ and the first disciples as well as in the patterns instructed by the original ways of life of these people. By these, we now possess the fundamentals of the faith and our pattern for life and godliness. Receiving these is not merely a question of mental learning or accent but living them out and proclaiming same concerning all issues of life - religious, scientific and cultural.

A Tool

This website may therefore be seen essentially as a tool to implement three things:

1. The refocussing of the attention of believers toward the New Testament pattern by adopting the New Covenant perspective on life,
2. Presenting to, and clarifying for non-believers the core of Christian faith in a culturally-relevant context without compromising righteous demand of the gospel to which they are invited, and
3. To help uphold the position of the Church as the pillar and the ground of truth to this generation.

Fundamentalism without Fanaticism

My position is that of fundamentalism devoid of fanaticism. I hold that fundamentalism is a core element in the definition of any religion. It is what separates religion from phylosophy, logic and sociology as it presents an extablished position of the understanding of truth and the practice thereof. None-the-less, fundamentalism is not to be confused with immobility or dogmatism. It is rather about the upholding of core precepts concerning reality about which there is settled assurance of verity, and a consequent basing of faith on the assurances. Under the New Covenant, these assurances concern the word of God.

This site seeks to be a tool helping people engage its precepts as rudder to navigate the sea of life and an anchor to steady the life ship of each person and overcome the incessant assailment of the storm of deceptive teachings. It does not promote fanaticism which insists on maintaining the material shape and/or structure of the ship in line with those of ancient mariners, and/or doggedly refuses to put sail in various waters of opportunity and expansion.

Against Revisionism, Resisting Pollution

At the opposing end to fanaticism is evil liberalism and revisionism which defile the sanctity of the divine precepts. The truth of God is constant and therefore not subject to revisions as though it were faulty or imperfect. While there should always be continous clarification as the Holy Spirit gives enablement and direction, not a single precept of the Word of God can be expunged or padded up or added to. Put simply: No new doctrines accepted; no given doctrines rejected.


The summary positing is:

The Word of the LORD is constant and abides forever. It is also the final authority on any issue pertaining to life of creation because it is the Truth. Though the practices of men may vary with time and clime, they must never go contrary to the principle of the Word.

Ministry of Fikayo Adeyemo
© Precepts of Life Ministry, Inc. 2019