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Reality and Political Correctness
Posted : 3 October, 2011
Truth is correct knowledge about reality. Whatever is real is true, although its existence and characteristics may not be fully known to everyone. Yet the veracity of the characteristics does not depend on its apprehension by people but on its sheer being. Therefore, truth is singular and not about options. If two positions disagree on an issue, it is either one is right and the other is wrong, or both are wrong.

Political Correctness

Today, the world wants us to operate in political correctness. But our question must be "What is political correctness?" From an initial deceptively simple definition of "intentionally avoiding offence", the concept has moved through prescription of the elements of this new morality to the current situation where we are now faced with government-promoted coercion into an authoritarian system united only by a hatred for Christianity specifically, and things of God in general. For instance, it is now politically correct to hold discussions and teaching on evolution in the privacy of one's home but, as the City officials in San Juan Capistrano, California would sternly warn us, it is not permitted to teach the Bible to some friends and associates in the privacy of your home without obtaining a required licence - which has been made suitably difficult to obtain.

Absolutes and Divisiveness

It is not surprising for political correctness, which preaches moral relativism, to be so much averse to Christianity and her absolutist stand on morality. It is claimed that absolutes engender divisiveness and political correctness will overcome such divisiveness by permitting each person to do whatever feels good in his sight - provided he does so without offending the "sensibilities" of other people. Even on the surface, such a system is patently dangerous - but what is even more ominous is the fact that the implementation, apart from being consciously skewed against Christian teachings, is also skewed in favour of evil and to the detriment of justice. It is under political correctness, for example that the burglar has "rights" to be protected even during the course of violating the rights of the victim of burglary. And now, it's the kids that have all the rights in the home while the parents must forget about their right, nay, responsibility, to firmly bring up their offspring. Under political correctness, the government imagines that it can usurp this duty. The recent UK youth rampage is a tiny speck of the kind of repercussions to expect from a generation of children whose parents have become "big government".

Natural versus Contrived Systems

In the final analysis, the issue is between reality and fantasy. Nature has been created to have a "natural" way of progressing. Sort of in-built dynamics. Individually and as a whole, these things constitute not only what is, but also what can be. Reality now, and in the making. Now, over the course of human history, many persons have entertained ideas that reality can be artificially constructed, outside of nature. Typically, the proponents of such ideas were either intoxicated by their endowments (money, power, academic knowledge, etc. ) or they were just plain mad. To be sure, early successes were almost always recorded for various durations, but eventually, nature always played the last joker. So, it was with the trans-atlantic slavery, so it was with all forms of colonialism, so it was with Marxism, so it was with apartheid, so it was with Arab totalitarian regimes, so it was with the nigger era in the US, and so it will be with political correctness. Any novelty, however intellectually beautiful we may think it is, can not lead to lasting human progress except if it follows genuine natural attitudes and preferences of humanity. Government and the media may have a role in supervision and maybe even a measure of modulation (as we have seen repeatedly with successful capitalist economic system) but never as the almost totalitarian policeman it is trying to be now concerning political correctness. It has been correctly remarked therefore that "politically correct people can't stand reality or see that things have evolved to be as they are for good reasons" (Political Correctness: the awful truth).

Government Partisanship

They admonish us not to be "divisive" through holding on to the values we believe in and cherish. So, if an atheist evolutionist is offended by my faith in Christ, the solution is not just that I should refrain from preaching to him, but also that I should stop practicing Christianity altogether, or at least in ways that nobody would even associate me with the faith. Meanwhile, the atheist, is absolutely free to preach his humanist religion wide, far and loud, and for good measure, top it with a campaign that anything "Christian" should be banned from the school MY (not his) children attend. I think justice is sorely missing here. Government has become partisan, and the media is busy playing to the gallery. Therefore, their admonition may only be tolerated where the issues involved are themselves relative and inherently value-neutral, such as race, preferences of clothing, language, career, etc. provided that the implementation of even these so-called neutral options does not raise moral questions (such as lewd dressing or a career in stealing) and/or promote falsehood (such as claiming homosexuality is normal)

Truth must be upheld

Wherever truth is concerned, there must be total disdain for political correctness. We must never forget that truth can only cause divisiveness in the presence of error. Where there is no error, it is truth, not political correctness, that engenders peace and unity. To submit to political correctness in the presence of error is to both do damage to one's soul and further push the society along the path of its self destruction. (Of course, I know that many of the people pushing political correctness do not even believe that man has something called soul.)

Absolutes Remain!

Political correctness is partly a fruit of the attempt to borrow the principle of relativity from physics and brutally force it on social values and mores. What has worked excellently for inanimate matter cannot be directly applicable to conscious beings, whether temporal or eternal. In physics, all things may be subjected to relativity, but in biology, sociology and anthropology, there are both absolutes and relatives. Therefore, concerning relative things, our attitude should be "open hands" in tolerance and cooperation, but concerning absolutes, the only valid response must be unyielding clenched fists, else the society faces damnation.

If you are a believer, I encourage you to hold on to the Truth, who is Jesus Christ our Saviour, and not be swayed by the vast popularity of "another doctrine" born out of desire to appease the god of this world through political correctness. To them, there are no more absolutes, no more standards. Each person or generation can proclaim anything - and any such thing is "right" once the doers are okay by it. Goodness is thus redefined as whatever each person sees as good for him. Needless to say, such existentialist attitude is a recipe for chaos and failure of the race - not to talk of being a sin in the sight of the Creator.

If you are not a believer, I urge you to reconsider your position and give attention to the absolute words of the Scripture that says, "I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me" (John 14:6).

God bless you.
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Fikayo Adeyemo
Glory be to God for the eventual coming to light of this.
28th September 2015 1:12am
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